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How to Use a WordPress Quiz Plugin to Boost Your Leads

Andrew Buck June 10, 2019

Scaling your revenue is generally dependant on how many leads you can bring in.

A bunch of visitors who come to your site, read a little and move on won’t do much for you, other than bumping up vanity metrics in Google Analytics.

Instead, you want to turn these visitors into leads, by qualifying them and subscribing them to your email list. Then you’re able to start building out sales funnels to convert these people into customers.

That’s the end goal of content marketing. To get a lot of people interested in your products or services, and on the hook, so you can market to them some more.

But in the age of content marketing, how can you ensure your content stands out?

Answer? By using a WordPress quiz plugin to create fun, viral lead generating quizzes.

Quizzes – A More Engaging Content Marketing Strategy

This Zazzle Media survey shows content marketing is becoming a bigger focus for marketers every year.

Yet with everyone and their dog putting out content, marketers are going to need a way to separate themselves from the pack.

You can get ahead in your content marketing strategy by making content that is more engaging than the competition. Some ways to create engaging content include:

Quizzes, however, can produce more engagement than the examples above, at half the investment.

Making a quiz doesn’t take any expert knowledge, expensive tools, or huge time investment.

What’s better, quizzes are tailor-made for engagement. They force people to be more active in taking in your content, increasing the chance that your content sticks.

The icing on the cake is, when you go for a sale, your prospect will be much warmer to it if they’ve gotten some enjoyment out of your content.

Made for Mobile

Mobile traffic is heavily overlooked by marketers. If you’re ignoring mobile, you could be missing out on a huge amount of leads.

We’re living in the mobile age, and online traffic reflects that. 58% of Google searches are made from mobile. And that trend is only rising each year.

What does this have to do with quizzes? Well, quizzes are the perfect type of content for mobile viewers.

People don’t usually sit down and read a 10,000 word blog post on mobile – as amazing as your content may be. Mobile is about convenience. A way for people to go online while waiting in line at the bank, waiting for the bus, or on their lunch break.

So a quiz, especially one optimized for mobile viewers, is a great way to deliver content to your audience in a way they can consume on the go.

Going Viral – Encourage Social Shares for Free Traffic

It’s the holy grail for content marketing. Your content goes ‘viral’, crowds of people on social media share or engage with your content, and it grows all on its own.

The problem is, if you try too hard to create viral content, it’s not going to happen. A large part of going viral is basically getting lucky.

All you can do is increase your chances. This puts you in with a shot of getting lucky.

This is where quizzes are, again, a great option.

Quizzes were one of the key drivers in Buzzfeed becoming as big as they are. The site is just outside the top 500 on Ahrefs, top 300 on Alexa, built largely on the back of viral quizzes.

The formula is simple. Put social sharing buttons at the end of your quiz, for people to show off their results with all their friends. If you’ve put together a fun, quirky (and ultimately positive) quiz, the chances of people sharing are pretty good.

Once people start sharing, their friends will naturally want to take the quiz and find out their own results. There, you have a recipe for going viral.

How to Use Quizzes for Lead Generation

Engaging your readers and going viral is a part of the equation. But you need a way to link this with your sales process.

Usually, you’ll use optin forms or lead magnets on your high performing pages to capture leads.

These methods work, there’s no arguing that. But quizzes can work even better.

Once someone finishes your quiz, you can make it so they have to enter their email to get their quiz results.

You should see better optin rates than a regular static form or popup, since the person has already invested their time in going through the quiz. Their curiosity alone (to find out their results) means they will almost always opt in.

So a quiz is essentially a lead magnet, and an effective one at that.

Lead Scoring

It’s not just the amount of leads you can get, but also the means to qualify those leads.

Quizzes have the unique situation where your prospect has already told you a lot about themselves before they subscribed.

Whether it’s a personality quiz, or a knowledge quiz, or something else, you can see their answers to certain questions, and most likely use that to qualify them.

Are they very likely to buy now?

Maybe they are earlier on in the purchase funnel, and need some more education first.

Or perhaps the answers tell you they may be interested in one part of your business and not another, so you can lead them down a path they’re most likely to convert on.

The possibilities are vast – much more than if someone just puts their name and email on a popup optin form.

The more valuable a lead is to you, the more important lead scoring – qualifying them in the way I’ve described – becomes.

This way you can dedicate your resources to where they’ll have the biggest impact, resulting in a better ROI (return on investment).

Use a WordPress Quiz Plugin to Make it Easy

Luckily, it doesn’t take a lot of technical know-how to start using quizzes on your WordPress site, as part of your content marketing strategy.

If you use a plugin or tool to make your quiz, you’ll be able to put together quizzes in minutes. That lets you put more time into making your quiz engaging, and the questions effective at scoring your leads.

Quiz cat is a plugin designed for the exact type of quiz we’re talking about. Just install on your site, and all you need to do is put in questions/answers.

Using a plugin to create your quizzes is great because you can seamlessly integrate the quiz with the rest of your site. No need to direct your visitor to another site or URL that ends up being inconsistent with your site’s branding.

A plugin like Quiz Cat fits right in with the WordPress post editor (both the Gutenberg and classic editors).

This means you can fit quizzes even in the middle of your regular blog posts – a great way to level up engagement on your site.

Here’s an example of what you can do with a quiz plugin like this on WordPress:

How Secure is Your WordPress Site?

Are you at risk of getting hacked?

Tips on Creating Viral Quizzes

Of course, you can’t guarantee your quiz will be a hit, but you can greatly increase your chances.

Here are some tips on making sure your WordPress quizzes are as effective as they can be:

Best practice would be to test out the effectiveness of quizzes on your site, with a few different variations.

Record your results (page visitors, how many people took the quiz, how many leads captured, etc), see what formula works best, and replicate.

Quiz cat lets you get down and dirty with the analytics. You can check the percentage of people who have seen the quiz vs how many actually started it, and also see which questions, if any, have the highest drop-off (people stopping the quiz).

This all helps you fine-tune your content strategy, which is vital for keeping your content fresh and effective.

Lead Generation Quizzes for WordPress – In Summary

More are jumping on the content marketing train every day. This means your content marketing strategies always need to be adapting.

The same content that generated leads for you two years ago might not do the job today.

The holy grail in content marketing is engagement and reach. Lead generation quizzes, easily made with a WordPress quiz plugin, allow you to put out content that’s designed for both engagement and viral shares.

If you find your content isn’t hitting as hard and isn’t bring as much value as it once was, try incorporating Quiz Cat into your marketing strategy.

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