How To Create Your First Pricing Table

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Creating your first pricing table is easy. Here’s a quick start guide to help.

Before you begin:
This article is useful for free and premium customers. However it references some premium only features. Head here for details or to purchase.


1. Go to Pricing Tables -> Add New, to begin.


2. Give your table a name and choose a design that suits your needs. Colors and sizes are all fully customizable for each table, among other features.


3. Click on the “Content” tab and add your content. All your names prices and features will be added here.


Note that depending on how many columns you have, your columns might go into a new line:


4. Click on design and customize your table. Colors, and advanced settings will be found here.
The design options in this screen will vary based on which table layout you’ve chosen.


5. Click Save & Preview.
This will save your changes and show you a preview of what your table will look like.


6. Click on “Deploy(Get Shortcode)” when ready to publish your table. You may use this shortcode to place your table in any page or post. You may also include multiple tables on your pages or posts.

Looking to deploy a Pricing Table Toggle? See this article:
How To Build A Pricing Table Toggle

And that’s all it takes to creating a great pricing table in minutes.

This is a very basic quick start guide for Easy Pricing Tables. Please Check out our other EPT documents for more advanced features and settings.

Need assistance with this or anything else? Feel free to contact our support team at

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