Building Engaging, Viral Quizzes With Quiz Cat, Our WordPress Quiz Plugin

Update (September 21, 2016) – we’ve just launched Quiz Cat Premium. Quiz Cat Premium comes with tons of cool features, including social sharing & email capture. Click here to learn more.

We’ve just launched a new WordPress Quiz Plugin – Quiz Cat.

Quiz Cat is a simple WordPress Quiz Plugin that lets you build engaging quizzes with ease.

Here’s a live demo:

The Ultimate Star Wars Quiz

Padawan or Jedi Master? Try this Quiz Cat live demo.

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Why would you want to build quizzes? No matter if you want to get more traffic, get social shares or generate more leads, quizzes are a blogger’s and marketer’s friend.

Building Viral Quizzes For Your WordPress Blog

You’ve probably seen some of BuzzFeed’s quizzes in your friends’ Facebook newsfeed. This type of content is highly popular, fun and shareable.

Say the “Which Star Wars character are you?” quiz you just did declared you’re Lord Vader – why wouldn’t you want to share this with your friends?

Here are some examples of viral quizzes:

Quiz Cat lets you build these kind of buzzfeed-esque quizzes in minutes. Simply create a quiz, add some share buttons and you’re good to go. Quiz Cat Premium lets you add social sharing buttons to your quizzes. Click here to learn more.

Setting Up Quizzes (“Tests”) For Your WordPress Membership Site

If you run an information product or membership site, quizzes are a great way for your users to test their knowledge and see how much they learned.

No matter if you’re using Wishlist, MemberPress, iThemes Exchange, WooCommerce Memberships, S2Member or any other WordPress membership plugin, our WordPress quiz plugin works with all of them. You can easily add your quiz using our shortcode anywhere on your site, including member-only areas.

Using Quizzes For Lead Generation*

*Our lead generation feature is part of Quiz Cat Premium. Click here to learn more..

Lead generation quizzes work ridiculously well for collecting emails.

Simply ask people for their email at the end of a quiz, in order to see their results, and you’ll be collecting tons of new emails in no time.

Some examples of lead generation quizzes:

Wanna learn more about building lead generation quizzes?

Check out these articles:

Why Build Another WordPress Quiz Plugin?

We only build products if we think there’s an opportunity to create something useful and unique in the marketplace.

We built Easy Pricing Tables because there wasn’t any other pricing table plugin on the market that was beautiful and easy to use.

We built Optin Cat because there weren’t any email capture plugins available on that were built for marketers & small business owners and optimized for conversions. (All the existing solutions were built for developers).

While there are plenty of free WordPress Quiz plugins available on, most of them are hard to use (complicated interfaces with too many settings), the quizzes don’t look good and the plugins as a whole aren’t optimized for the use cases we mentioned above: membership quizzes, lead gen quizzes & viral quizzes.

There’s some great SaaS solutions on the market, but we believe there are many people who’d rather use a native WordPress plugin instead of an external service. It’s also worth mentioning that these SaaS solutions are overly expensive – they could easily set you back $500 per year.

Using Quiz Cat

Need help getting started? Download the plugin here, then watch the video below:

Roadmap for our WordPress Quiz plugin

This is just the beginning, we’ve got a lot of exciting features on the roadmap, including:

  • Personality quizzes (eg. “Which Star Wars character are you?”)
  • Lead generation quizzes (ask people for their email address before showing them results)
  • Built-in social sharing

Update (September 21, 2016): We’ve now added personality quizzes, lead generation quizzes and social sharing to Quiz Cat Premium.

If you have feedback on what you’d like to see, leave a comment here or post in our forums on

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