Interested In Selling Your WordPress Plugin?

David Hehenberger December 19, 2017

Are you too busy to keep maintaining your WordPress plugin? Do you want to get compensated for the time you spent maintaining your code base? Don’t have time to handle support?

Why not sell your WordPress plugin?

We’re a small plugin company that currently maintains a number of free and paid WordPress plugins. We’re interested in expanding our product portfolio by acquiring WordPress plugins.

“Why do you want to buy my WordPress plugin?”

We’re not your typical buyer. We care about the WordPress ecosystem as much as you do.

Our business model is built on releasing free high-quality plugins on If the free product is successful, and if there’s enough demand, we may launch a paid version with extra features.

We believe that this is a great model, in which everyone wins.

WordPress users get a great, free plugin, helping the ecosystem grow.

A tiny subset of power users gets highly advanced features, for which they pay. This, in turn, lets us recoup our development expenses, and make a living by supporting WordPress.

“Why should I sell my plugin?”

Let’s face it. Maintaining and supporting a WordPress plugin is a lot of work.

There are always bugs to fix, support tickets to answer, and features to add.

You might not have enough time to give your WordPress plugin it deserves.

If that’s the case, why not consider selling your product to us?

We’ll put our tea, to work, so your users will benefit from regular updates, bug-fixes, and support.

Not to mention, you’ll get compensated for all the work you’ve done supporting the WordPress community.

“What will you do with my plugin?”

The purpose of us acquiring plugins is to keep improving the original plugin while adding extra functionality that we’ll monetize by launching paid add-ons.

There’s a lot of sketchiness going on. Not everyone interested in acquiring WordPress plugins has the interests of your users or the WordPress ecosystem as a whole in mind.

Unfortunately, this seems to be pretty common. There is a number of SEO spammers that put backdoors into WordPress plugins, in order to put backlinks to their websites.

According to this article, three years after being discovered, there are still hundreds of websites that run WordPress plugins that contain malware.

Rest assured, your users will be in good hands.

As a small business that makes its living selling WordPress plugins, our interests are aligned with the WordPress ecosystem as a whole. If WordPress does well, we do well.

We will not put existing features behind a paywall, nor will we inject ads or cryptocurrency mining code into your user’s website.

Here’s what the author of the Facebook Conversion Pixel plugin, which we acquired in August 2017, had to say:

“I’m happy to see the users of the plugin benefit from having someone maintaining it :)”

Kellen Mace, WordPress Developer

“What kind of plugins are you looking for?”

We are interested in acquiring the following types of plugins:


If you’re interested in selling your WordPress plugin, simply email david[at]fatcatapps[com].

This won’t be a drawn-out process that takes forever. We’ll aim make an offer within 7 days, and close within 30 days. You’ve got nothing to lose =)

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