Facebook Retargeting For WooCommerce Made Easy.

Boost your sales with Dynamic Product Ads, retarget shoppers using powerful Custom Audiences and accurately track conversions. Sync your store with your Facebook Product Catalog, and deploy a Facebook Pixel WooCommerce integration with one click.

Turnkey Facebook Dynamic Product Ads Setup For WooCommerce

Personalize your Facebook ads, without doing manual work, and retarget shoppers to complete the sale. Using Pixel Cat’s Facebook Event Tracking and Facebook Product Feed features you’ll be able to create highly effective Dynamic Product ads in minutes.

Create A WooCommerce Facebook Feed & Product Catalog

This WordPress plugin lets you compiles all of you products into a WooCommerce Facebook product feed with a single click. Using this feed, you can easily set up Facebook Dynamic Product Ads.

Once you enable the WooCommerce Facebook Product Feed setting, this WordPress plugin will generate a XML feed for you. (Don’t worry if you don’t know what XML means – you’ll be able to use this plugin as long as you know how to copy & paste a link.)

facebook product catalog for woocommerce

Using this WooCommerce Facebook product feed, you will be able to sync your WooCommerce products with your Facebook Product Catalog. This feed will always stay up to date – no matter if you change your product prices, add new products, or make any other changes to your store.

Now that you have a product catalog, you can set up a Dynamic Product Ads campaign. This means you can automatically show ads to your shoppers based on which products they’ve viewed on your site, just like in the example above.

Setup The Facebook Pixel For WooCommerce With One Click

Pixel Cat takes the pain out of integrating the Facebook Pixel with WooCommerce. With a single click, you’ll be able to send all relevant Facebook Pixel WooCommerce Standard Events (View Content, Search, Add To Cart, Add To Wishlist, Initiate Checkout, Add Payment Info Purchase) to Facebook.

Pixel Cat automatically sends all relevant event parameters (eg. value, currency, product name, …). For example, when a shopper adds a product to his cart, the following information will be sent.

facebook pixel woocommerce integration

Facebook & Instagram Retargeting For WooCommerce

Most people don’t buy the first time they visit your site. Using “Dynamic Product Ads” and “Custom Audiences”, you can retarget prospects to close that sale.

Build Powerful Custom Audiences

With our “WooCommerce 1-click integration” and our powerful “Event Builder”, you’ll be able to send events containing detailed browsing behavior to Facebook. Using this data you can easily create powerful Custom Audiences using Facebook’s ad manager.

Track Facebook Conversions To The Penny

Pixel Cat makes tracking Facebook conversion tracking for WooCommerce a breeze. Simply turn on the Facebook Pixel WooCommerce integration, and this plugin will automatically send purchase data (including the correct currency and amount) to Facebook.

Advanced Matching for WooCommerce

Pixel Cat automatically encrypts and sends customer data to Facebook to enable Advanced Matching. This lets Facebook more accurately track your conversions, better optimize your ads, and reach more people.

“Pixel Cat made it super easy to set up a Facebook Retargeting campaign for my store. I got my first sale within a couple of days. The plugin has already paid for itself. Highly recommended.”

Lewis Quartey, GetSunset.com

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