Targeting Cat: Show hyper-targeted optins & get incredible conversion rate with our best-in-class rule builder

The days of dumb popups that appear instantly are over. By immediately shoving a popup down your users’ throats, they’ll get annoyed and might bounce. Nonetheless, most people still deploy popups in this manner.

Thankfully there’s a better way. Optin Cat’s best-in-class Targeting Cat rule engine lets you build advanced Popups, Slide Ins and Optin Bars that are triggered exactly when your user is most likely to subscribe.

While other list building plugins boast of “page-level targeting rules”, our advanced Targeting Cat engine can do much, much more…

Our rule builder features the following powerful rules:

Display Frequency

How aggressive do you want to be? Do you want to show your Popup, Slide In or Optin Bar to each user only once, or do you want to nag them constantly until they opt in?

Our display frequency setting lets you choose how often you want to display your optin-form to your visitors. Options include:


Choose if you want to display your Popup, Slide In or Optin Bar only on Desktop, only on mobile or on both Desktop & Mobile.

This is important, in particular after Google’s mobile popup penalty that was rolled out in January 2017. For example, you might want to display popups to Desktop users, while displaying much more benign Optin Bars to mobile visitors.

Success Cookie

Showing tons of optins of existing subscribers is impolite. Using our Succes Cookie feature, you can make sure that people who opt in won’t see your form in the future.

Scrolled down (%)

This neat rule makes sure you don’t show your Popup, Slide In or Optin Bar immediately. You can easily configure how far down the page (in %) your visitors have to scroll before the Popup, Slide In or Optin Bar triggers.

Time on page (seconds)

Are you annoying your visitors the very second they load your site?

Our “time on page” rule lets you set a time-delay before your Popup, Slide In or optin bar displays. This ensures only engaged readers see your optin form, resulting in a better experience and lower bounce rates

Number of pageviews during this visit

Do you want to make sure you show your Popup, Slide In or Optin Bar only to highly engaged visitors? This rule lets you trigger the optin only after your visitor has viewed at least x pages during her current visit.

Page level targeting

Optin Cat gives you full control about where exactly to display your optins.

Optin Cat lets you do all of this, and more. Simply specify on which pages, posts, tags or categories you want your optin to appear.

Or, using our “never display on…” exclusion rule, set which pages, posts, tags or categories you don’t want your optin to display on.

Exit intervention

Wanna set up an “exit popup” – an optin that appears when your visitor is about to leave your site? These highly effective optins let you salvage abandoning visitors and convert them to your email list. You can learn more about our exit popup feature here.


As you can see, Optin Cat comes with all the targeting rules you need to hit your visitors whenever they’re most receptive. Want to build smarter optins? Try Optin Cat today.