Exit Intervention: Convert abandoning visitors into leads and customers

The vast majority of people who leave your site will never return. Unless you do something about it, they’ll never join your email list, and they’ll never buy from you.

Our Exit Intervention feature lets you magically turn abandoning visitors into subscribers and customers. Based on your visitor’s mouse movement, we predict when he or she is about to leave your site.

This then triggers an exit popup – a proven way to salvage your abandoning visitors. These exit intervention popups are highly effective – for example, one blogger reported a 46% increase in email signups after setting up exit popups.

Exit popups are the most elegant way to use popups. They’re completely different the annoying popups that haunted the internet in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Unlike the much-hated, intrusive popups from the dark ages of the internet, our exit popups are beautiful, intelligent and unobtrusive. While traditional popups are an unwelcome interruption, exit popups only get triggered when your visitor is done reading your site and just about to leave – thus keeping the annoyance factor to a minimum.

Here are some ideas on how you can use Exit Intervention popups to grow your business.

Exit Popups for E-commerce Stores

Are you running WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads or another WordPress e-commerce plugin? Like every other online shop out there, you’re probably battling shopping cart abandonment.

Simply do this: set up an exit popup that offers a coupon code (try 5-10%, or free shipping) in exchange for subscribing to your list. You’ll immediately get more sales and email subscribers.

Exit Popups for Bloggers & Content Marketers

Are you a blogger or content marketer? You probably realize that your email list is one of your most valuable assets.

To jump-start your email list growth, try the following: Set up an Exit Intervention popup that offers a relevant optin gift (a PDF, worksheet, spreadsheet, etc that’s relevant to your audience) in exchange for joining your email list. You’ll immediately see your email subscriber count soar.


Wanna jump-start your list growth? Optin Cat makes setting up beautiful, highly converting Exit Popups a breeze.