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How To Use Optin Cat Blocks in the Gutenberg Editor

Optin Cat and all of our free optin form plugins are compatible with WordPress 5.0 and the Gutenberg post editor. This means you can add optin forms to a post as a block, and preview the form directly in the post editor.

To select an optin form block, first, click one of the “+” signs to add a new block.

Now find the “Optin Cat Form” block. If it is not under the “Most Used” section, you will be able to find it under “Widgets”.

Select the form you wish to add to the page from the dropdown menu. Note that only Post Box style forms can be added to a post as a block.

Once you select your optin form, it should appear in the post editor straight away. Use the Gutenberg controls to move the block around the page, to achieve your desired page layout.

Need assistance with this or anything else? Feel free to contact our support team at https://fatcatapps.com/support/

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