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Feedback Cat is a 100% free and open-source WordPress plugin to survey your users and customers. Set it up in 2 minutes.

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How It Works

1. Create Your Survey

Creating & publishing a survey takes less than 2 minutes.

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2. Publish Your Survey

Your survey will appear on your site.

Feedback WordPress Plugin

3. Gather Feedback

All user feedback will be sent straight to your inbox.

Feedback Surveys For WordPress

Why Use Feedback Cat?

No Branding

Unlike other tools, Feedback Cat doesn’t embed a branding link inside your feedback form.

100% Open Source

You can download and modify our code if you want. Our GitHub repository is located here.

Tight WordPress Integration

Feedback Cat is a WordPress plugin, so there’s no need to sign up for a webapp or to paste JavaScript to your footer. It “just works”.

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Any Questions?

Who should use Feedback Cat?

Feedback Cat is a great solution for bloggers, entrepreneurs and marketers wanting to gather user or customer feedback.

Do I need coding skills to use Feedback Cat?

Absolutely not. Feedback Cat ins is extremely easy to use for beginners. If you know how to publish a blog post in WordPress, you’ll be able to set up a feedback survey using this WordPress Survey Plugin.

How do I get support? / I have a feature request.

Check out our page + forums on

What’s required to use Feedback Cat?

Feedback Cat is a WordPress feedback plugin. In order to use this plugin, you’ll need a website running

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