Easy Pricing Tables Premium Changelog

# Version 2.3.10 # – October 26, 2017
* Fix WooCommerce variable products not showing in dropdown
* Fix a possible conflict with Yoast

# Version 2.3.9 # – September 21, 2017
* Update support URL
* Update software licensing library
* Update Simple Pay Pro generated URLs to improve HTML validation
* Disable navigation confirmation dialog until inputs are changed
* Add a workaround for Impreza theme
* Fix a rare font color bug on Design 6
* Fix 3-way toggles not working on Comparison Tables

# Version 2.3.8 #
* Add support for Simple Pay Pro 3
* Fix minor conflict with Beaver Builder page builder icons

# Version 2.3.7 # – May 1, 2017
* Add save confirmation prompt
* Added unique IDs to Comparison Table columns for easier custom CSS rules
* Added shortcode and tooltip support to all remaining inputs ( bill cycle and features )
* Update jQuery MatchHeight library to latest (v0.7.0)
* Update WooCommerce support to 3.0.0+
* Fix conflict with Select2 versions enqueued by other plugins causing WooCommerce products to not be selectable
* Fix style issue with featured column tooltips using wrong text color on some layouts
* Fix conflict with “Calls to Action” plugin
* Fix conflict with “Allegiant Pro” theme

# Version 2.3.6 # – November 9, 2016
* Added shortcode support for Button URL and Button Text inputs
* Improved table toggle for mobile
* Removed some unnecessary button CSS

# Version 2.3.5 # – October 6, 2016
* Fix WP Simple Pay Pro for Stripe not being enabled on new tables when toggled on

# Version 2.3.4 # – October 3, 2016
* Include updated WPAlchemy library for PHP7 compatibility
* Add edition to plugin name
* Fix custom URL getting overwritten/hidden when stripe enabled
* Updated licensing code for better compatibility

# Version 2.3.3 – August 3, 2016 #
* Improved performance up to 50%
* Added ability to use custom button URLs when stripe checkout is enabled
* Added WordPress filter for inline CSS ( ‘fca_ept_css_filter’ )
* Fixed conflict with ‘Post Snippets’ plugin
* Fixed conflict with ‘Visual Composer’ plugin
* Fixed rare CSS conflict with Easy Digital Downloads
* UI updates
* Changed use of .btn class to .ptp-button (may affect custom css)

# Version 2.3.2 #
* Fix potential CSS conflict with Easy Digital Downloads for dialog boxes
* Fix conflict with All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets

# Version 2.3.1 – July 11, 2016 #
* Improved user interface of WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downloads integration by adding the ability to search for products (Business & Agency plans only).

# Version 2.3.0 – June 14, 2016 #
* Added WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads integration. Get product details from EDD and Woo for your tables automatically!
* Added Dutch translations
* Changed CSS enqueue order to allow overwriting any rules with custom css
* Updated some CSS to be more responsive
* Fix a warning that occured with PHP 7
* Fix links not opening in new tab for Pricing Table design 2
* Fix issue w/ stripe integration for Comparison Table 3
* Fix custom shortcodes being removed from button URL when using Stripe integration
* Fix a minor UI issue with removing a saved Stripe plan ID

# Version 2.2.0 – May 16, 2016#
* Add integration with WP Simple Pay Pro for Stripe – full eCommerce for your pricing tables in just one click!
* Fix possible conflict with other plugins using Mixpanel library
* Fix conflict with Yoast SEO plugin causing incorrect styles on some themes/configurations
* Included French language translations
* Minor UI Improvements

# Version 2.1.0 #
* Fixed a plugin conflict with iThemes exchange.
* Fixed a bug in the backend introduced by a new version of jQuery included in WP 4.5
* Replaced depreciated function get_currentuserinfo

# Version 2.0.9 #
* Small UI improvements: pricing table editor now looks a bit nicer.
* Fix: Easy Pricing Tables now cleans up the database when the plugin is deleted. (It removes dh_ptp_allow_tracking and dh_ptp_mailing_list)
* Fix: Easy Pricing Tables disabled the WordPress post auto save feature on some configurations.
* Fix: pricing tables used to be listed as public posts.

# Version 2.0.8 #
* Added text domain for compatibility with translate.wordpress.org

# Version 2.0.7 #
* Removed defunct PressTrend Analytics (don’t worry about this!)
* Reverted “Improved compatibility with more themes & plugins by accounting for some weird CSS & JS (don’t worry about this)” as it ended up causing more issues than it was worth.

# Version 2.0.6 #
* Fixed: Pricing toggle button & content didn’t always match after hitting the back button, which wasn’t ideal.
* Fixed: Some users had issues activating their licenses / receiving automatic updates.
* Improved compatibility with more themes & plugins by accounting for some weird CSS & JS (don’t worry about this).

# Version 2.0.5 #
* Fixed two WPAlchemy related bugs that prevented some users from adding / removing columns to their pricing tables.

# Version 2.0.4 #
* Various small bugfixes

# Version 2.0.3 #

* Fixed a bug introduced by v2.0.2 that prevented users from adding new features to their tables.
# Version 2.0.2 #

* Various Bugfixes & Improvements related to pricing toggle v2 and new designs introduced in v2.0
# Version 2.0.1 #

* Hotfix: Fixed an ugly gray border issue on design 7 that appeared when the leftmost or rightmost column was featured.

* Hotfix: Changed padding in Comparison Table 3 – Plan Name

* Hotfix: Fixed a problem with linebreaks in designs 6 & 7

# Version 2.0 #

* 5 New designs: Pricing Table 5, 6 & 7 + Comparison Table 2 & 3.

* “Pricing Table 5” is now known as “Comparison Table 1”

* Redesigned pricing toggle (in case of only two options) for better user experience.

* Added anonymous tracking code so we can make data-driven decisions on how to improve the plugin. (Can be deactivated from settings screen.)

* Small UI improvements: Improved template chooser user interface, Changed CSS-spelling in UI and more…

* Activating Easy Pricing Tables Premium will now deactivate Easy Pricing Tables Free

* Small Update to licensing code
# Version #

* Fixed an issue with double clicks on the pricing toggle

* Fixed an issue related to the pricing toggle and the ‘match height’ feature

* Streamlined some code

* Fixed a rare bug related to the tooltip feature & Jquery UI

* Fixed a bug related to the “rounded corner” feature of design 1
# Version 1.9.5 #

* Updated Google Analytics integration to work with Universal Analytics

* Updated pricing toggle to support 3 pricing toggles (instead of two)

* Fixed a bug related to design 3 -> automatically match row height

* Improvement: Empty rows will now automatically be hidden on smartphones

* Improvement: Changed mouse cursor from arrow to hand on button hover

* Improvement: Changed aesthetics (CSS) of the tabs in the Easy Pricing Tables editor

* Improvement: Made the pricing table columns in the Easy Pricing Tables editor wider

* Changed version number of Easy Pricing Tables to correspond to Easy Pricing Tables Premium

* Added Easy Pricing Tables – icon to media button
# Version #

* Fixed a CSS bug that prevented design 5 from being responsive on some devices & browsers.
# Version 1.9 #

* Design 5 is now responsive

* Minor bugfixes

* Minor UI improvements
# Version 1.8.1 #

* Improved the licensing system

* Improved aesthetics of “Design” screen (removed ugly arrows on some themes)
# Version 1.8 #

* New feature: Custom Pricing Table CSS

* New feature: Automatically match Row Height

* We’re now allowing more flexible user inputs in the ‘price’-field of designs 4 & 5.

* Design 2 now looks even better on mobile phones (each column now has its own row.)

* Improved “build your own color scheme” user interface in designs 2, 3 and 5. From now on, when clicking “build your own color scheme” we will pre-load the colors from the color scheme you have selected.

* Our Google fonts now work on SSL sites.

* Made a small improvement to the licensing user interface.

* Learn more: http://fatcatapps.com/easy-pricing-tables-premium-1-8
# Version 1.7.1 #

* Fixed some JavaScript errors in the user interface

* Improved shortcode button support

* Design 4 & 5 now support multi-letter currencies in the price field (such as “VND”)

* The price field in design 5 now supports non-numeric content such as “Free”

* You can now place the currency symbol both left or right of the number in design 5

* Refactored design 5 CSS to cause less theme conflicts

* Fixed a couple of bugs in the user interface of design 2

* Improved the Useability of the pricing toggle: it now works if you click anywhere on the toggle

* Fixed an alignment issue with design 5

* Fixed a bug that appeared when “Enlarge Column on Hover” was checked in design 1

* Fixed a CSS conflict between design 5 and the Inovado theme

* Improved the CSS of design 5 to cause less problems

* Improved the CSS of the pricing toggle to cause less problems

# Version 1.7 #

* New feature: Google Analytics Event Tracking

* New feature: Added button color & button font color settings to Design 3

* Improvement: Increased pricing table load speed by minifying its CSS

* Improvement: Improved the responsiveness of Design 3 (each column will now take up an entire row on phones & vertical tablets)

* Improvement: Improved tooltip appearance (max width is now 500px and dotted underline is now same color as the text it underlines)

* Improvement: Added a new icon for the Easy Pricing Table post type

* Bugfix: Fixed incompatibilities with multiple themes

* Bugfix: Fixed a bug that made styling disappear when free users upgrade to Easy Pricing Tables Premium

* Bugfix: Fixed a bug that made Design 3’s font colors change on some themes

* Bugfix: Fixed a bug that accidentally embedded some pricing table CSS files on pages that didn’t use pricing tables

* Fixed an incompatibility with the post type switcher plugin

# Version 1.6.1 #

* Updated the pricing toggle user interface and shortcode to make it easier to use
# Version #

* Fixed a rare bug introduced with v1.6
# Version 1.6 #

* Added pricing toggle feature

* Added tooltip feature

* Added ability to add HTML to all pricing tables

* Added color picker to Design 4 – you can now choose any color instead of just using pre-made color schemes

* Streamlined the user interface of the “Design” – tab in the pricing table editor

* Improved the HTML & CSS of all 5 table designs (they now use a lot less CSS-!important properties)

* Bugfix: Fixed a rare bug that stopped the “Save & Preview” button from working

* Bugfix: Fixed a rare bug that causes the “Pricing Table” menu to disappear from the WordPress navigation
# Version 1.5 #

* Added additional design customization options & color pickers to design 2, 3 and 5

* Added a featured ribbon font size setting to design 2

* Added hover effects (similar to design 2 and 3) to design 1

* Added the ability to hide empty rows

* A lot of design 5 CSS & HTML bug-fixes and improvements

* Small Design 2 bugfix

* Added the option to add target=\”_blank\” to buttons (link will open in a new tab)

* Fixed a bug related to the live preview

* Changed the menu position to be further down
# Version 1.4.1 #

* Design 2 now allows you to build your own color scheme

* Decreased plugin file-size

* Added translation capabilities

* Minor changes to licensing system

* Fixed incompatibility with this plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/responsive-mobile-friendly-tooltip/

* Improved compatibility with legacy browsers

* Fixed a bug in design 1 introduced in v1.4
# Version 1.4 #

* Added a new pricing table design: Design 5

* Added hover effect to design 3

* Added the ability to add icons to pricing tables

* Added the ability to replace pricing table buttons with shortcodes

* Decreased filesize of plugin

* Fixed CSS incompatibilities with some themes

* Fixed incompatibility with Theme Foundry Basis theme
# Version 1.3.1 #

*Fixed a bug that caused the licensing system to be incompatible with some servers

* Small UI improvement: Changed button copy and behavior in the backend
# Version 1.3 #

* Added the ability to clone existing tables

* Added row IDs to our pricing table HTML

* Added the ability to remove space between columns in Design 1

* Fixed issue with the licensing and auto-update system

* Multiple bugfixes

* UX improvements
# Version 1.2 #

* Added new table design

* Added new customization options

* Bugfixes

* UI Improvements
# Version 1.1 #

* Added auto-update feature.
# Version 1.0 #
* Initial Release.