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Built from the ground up for bloggers & content marketers, Optin Cat Premium includes everything you need to grow your email list. Set it up in 2 minutes.

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Why Upgrade?

Your email list is one of your most valuable assets. Optin Cat Premium gives you 4 new type of optins, tons of design options and cutting-edge marketing features designed to grow your list.

Simply put – Optin Cat Premium gives you everything you need to massively grow your list (and boost your conversions) in just a few simple clicks.

“Wow! I’ve just set up Optin Cat Premium and my email optins tripled. Highly recommended.”

Travis Jamison,

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Premium Features That Help You Massively Grow Your List

Slide Ins: Beautiful, intelligent & low-key optin forms that convert

Slide Ins are small, low-key optin forms that display in the bottom right or left corner of your website and deliver great results.

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Optin Bars: An unobtrusive but effective way to get more email subscribers

An Optin Bar is a narrow bar displayed on the top or bottom of your site that includes an optin form. It’s unobtrusive – it doesn’t hurt your visitor’s experience -but effective at the same time.

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Two-Step Optins: Boost subscribers by 700%

“Two-Step Optins” are optin forms (popups) that will only be displayed after your visitor clicks a hyperlink. This tactic tends to convert very highly (many people see a huge lift compared to normal optins).

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Turn Commenters Into Email Subscribers

Commenters are already engaging with your content, so why not let them subscribe to your email list? Optin Cat lets you add an optin checkbox to your comment forms.

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Exit Intervention – Convert abandoning visitors into leads and customers

70% of people who leave your site will never return.

Our Exit Intervention Feature lets you turn abandoning visitors into subscribers and customers by displaying an exit popup right when they’re about to leave your site.

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Animation Effects: Make your optin forms stand out from the crowd

Optin Cat’s unique, attention-grabbing Animation Effects feature makes your optins stand out from the crowd. With a single click, you can add one of 29 CSS3 effects to your Popups, Optin Bars and Slide Ins.

Say hello to better conversion rates and goodbye to boring optins.

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Get 785% More Optins With Content Upgrades

Content Upgrades are proven to increase conversion by up to 785%. That’s why, as a blogger or content marketer, Content Upgrades are the best way to massively grow your list. Optin Cat makes it incredibly easy to add Content Upgrades to your WordPress site.

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Optin Bait Delivery – Set up and send optin baits straight from WordPress

As you probably know, you should always give away something of value in exchange for someone’s email address.Our Optin Bait Delivery feature, lets you send “Thank You” emails containing optin gifts straight from WordPress.

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More Design Options

Optin Cat Free comes with limited design options. Optin Cat Premium comes with tons of designs to customize, here are some examples…

Works With Your Favorite Email Marketing Providers

Using Zapier you can send your subscribers to 500+ apps, including Active Campaign, Infusion Soft, Google Spreadsheets, your CRM and much more.

Great Support

We don’t offer support to free users, so this is a big deal. Paying customers get access to our fast and friendly email support.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If Optin Cat doesn’t help you significantly grow your list; if you’re not super happy with Optin Cat for any reason … then you can get your money back just by asking within 60 days of your purchase.

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