How To Use ‘Google Analytics’ With Easy Pricing Tables

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In order to use Easy Pricing Tables’ Google Analytics integration, you’ll have to install Google Analytics on your siteĀ using the Google Analytics by MonsterInsights.

Before you begin:
Our Google Analytics Integrations are available with Easy Pricing Tables Business or Elite. Head here for details, or to purchase.

Once you have “Google Analytics by MonsterInsights” activated, and set up on your site, you’ll see a new setting appear under Easy Pricing Tables. Simply check the checkbox next to “Enable tracking“.


If your pricing table is called “Table for marketing page (latest version)” and someone clicks the button of the “Business” column, an event with the following information will be tracked:

  • Event Category: Table for marketing page (latest version) [this is your pricing table name]
  • Event Action: Button clicked
  • Event Label: Business [this is your plan name]

You’ll then see your pricing table button clicks in Google Analytics using the Events (Behavior -> Event -> Overview) report.

Sample Report:


Technical details – how event tracking works

Easy Pricing Tables adds the following onclick event to all of your pricing table buttons: