How To Add The Facebook Pixel To WP With Our Facebook Pixel WordPress Plugin

Adding a Facebook Pixel to your site only takes minutes with our Facebook Pixel WordPress Plugin, “Pixel Cat”. Pixel Cat (formerly known as “Facebook Conversion Pixel”) makes adding a Facebook Pixel to WordPress incredibly easy.

Pixel Cat (Facebook Pixel WordPress Plugin) Quick Start Guide:

1. If you haven’t already, download & install Pixel Cat here.

2. After installing this plugin, simply go to Settings -> Facebook Pixel Manager and add your Facebook Pixel ID. (Scroll down for more on your Pixel ID)


3. Next just choose what user roles you don’t want tracking enabled for, so that you don’t pollute your data.

4. Hit save and your Facebook pixel will be enabled.

5. Optional: set up Standard Events in the Events tab. Learn more here.

That’s all it takes to set up your Pixel using our Facebook Pixel WordPress Plugin.

How do I get my Facebook Pixel ID?

The Facebook Pixel can be found in your Facebook Ad Account. Your Pixel ID links to your Facebook Ad Account.

Finding your Facebook Pixel

1. Navigate to this URL:

2. Your Facebook Pixel ID is located on the right hand side of this screen.


3. Paste this ID (12345… in above example) into the “Facebook Pixel ID” field of Pixel Cat.

How to create a Facebook Pixel

Can’t find a pixel using above link? You probably haven’t created your pixel yet.You’ll have to do so now.

1. Go to your Facebook Ad Account.

2. In the top left hand select ‘Add Manager’, and go to Pixels.

3. Click ‘Create Pixel’.

4. Name your Pixel. Each Ad Account only gets one Pixel.

5. Accept the terms, and create your Pixel.


How can I check if my Facebook Pixel WordPress integration is working?

After setting up your Facebook tracking pixel, you’ll probably want to make sure the pixel is working correctly on your WordPress site. Here are some tips and tricks:

  • The best way to check if your Pixel is working is using the Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome plugin.
  • Important: If you’re logged into WordPress, the Pixel will probably not be displayed for you, based on how you configured the “Exclude Users” setting. Thus, please either log out of WordPress, or check your Pixel in a new Incognito Window in Chrome.
  • The Facebook Pixel does not work in real-time. In our experience, pixel data takes about 30 minutes (sometimes longer) before it shows up in your Facebook account. That’s why you’ll want to use the Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome plugin to check if your pixel is working.

That’s it – you’ve now successfully installed a Facebook pixel on WordPress.

Help, I still have questions!

If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments us please contact us via the support forums for our product here.