How do I upgrade my Easy Pricing Tables license?

Do you want to upgrade your license to get access to more features and/or website installs? No problem. You can upgrade your licenses anytime. (Quick reminder: You can view all Easy Pricing Tables license levels + feature comparison here).

How much is it? License upgrades are prorated. Say you bought a license for $49 and want to upgrade to a license costing $99, you’ll need to pay $50.

Upgrading your Easy Pricing Tables license

1. Log into your account

2. Locate your download and click “View Licenses”


3. Locate your purchase and click “View Upgrades”.


Note: Above screenshot refers to another product, but things work in the same manner for Easy Pricing Tables.

4. Click “Upgrade License”

upgrade-3Note: This is a sample screenshot, actual price may vary.

5. Proceed to checkout.