How do I activate my Easy Pricing Tables plugin?

To activate your Easy Pricing Table plugin license, please see the below instructions.

1. Go to Admin Dashboard -> Plugins.

2. Step 2: Deactivate any free or older versions of our Easy Pricing Tables plugin.

3. Install updated Easy Pricing Tables plugin that you may download from your Fatcat Apps Account.

4. Afterwards, go to Pricing Tables -> Settings -> Enter your license key.

5. Click save to activate your plugin status.

What if my license status does not change?

You can manually activate your premium plugin by going to your Fatcat Apps Account > View Licenses > Add your site to your license.

Afterwards, you can ignore the “inactive” status as this would resolve the issue for you.

However, automatic update notification may not show up in plugin manager.

In order to update your plugin you would need to go to your Fatcat Apps Account and re-download our plugin to get the updated version.

Then you would reinstall the updated version into your website.

You will not lose any previously created tables.

If you would like to help us investigate why our plugin license key activation did not work on your website?

Please see the below steps:

1. Install and activate our one click Fatcat Apps Connection Tester plugin.

2. Go to Admin Dashboard > Settings > Fatcat Apps Connection Tester.

connection tester

3. Click the Test button.

4. A message will then be displayed above the title Connection Tester.

5. Copy and paste the message into an email and send it to us at [email protected]

Thank you!