Can I use WP Simple Pay Pro for Stripe Shortcodes in my Pricing Tables?


WP Simple Pay Pro for Stripe offers a multitude of shortcodes for adding customized checkout options. Such as: coupons, quantities, billing address, subscription info, and even custom fields. Since integrating with WP Simple Pay Pro for Stripe, we get lots of questions about using these features with Easy Pricing Tables.

Adding customized checkout features is simple and easy. It requires first preparing a shortcode with WP Simple Pay Pro for Stripe that includes your checkout button and customizations. Then you can completely replace our button with your highly customized one.

Creating Your Customized Button:

WP Simple Pay Pro for Stripe offers an extensive knowledge base, with examples, on their shortcode buttons. It contains information on everything that can be done in this method.

You will need to prepare your button before continuing. Check their resources for assistance. We’ve gathered some of the most relevant articles here to save you time:

It’s also a good idea to build, and test, your buttons outside of Easy Pricing Tables, to be sure everything is working.

Replacing the Standard Button:

1. Revert to ‘Button URL’ by clicking the ‘Stripe Description’ feild. (View This Article for more details.)

2. Wrap your new button shortcode in our [shortcode][/shortcode] brackets. Then place it in the ‘Button URL’ field. (View This Article for more details.)

3. Save your table and go test it out.

That’s all there is to adding customized checkout features to Easy Pricing Tables with WP Simple Pay Pro for Stripe.

Please note: Depending on your use-case, you may need a separate button for each column.


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