Can I Use Shortcodes in my Easy Pricing Tables Buttons?


We have recently expanded Easy Pricing Tables buttons to be compatible with shortcodes.


You can now include shortcodes into the Button Text and Button URL fields of Easy Pricing Tables. Both fields will execute any shortcodes placed within them. As the uses for shortcodes are near infinite, we wanted to supply some basic use guidelines to help prevent issues.

Using Shortcodes Inside your Buttons:

The Button Text and Button URL fields both have very specific uses. The Button Text field produces the text for your tables buy button, and the Button URL defines where your button goes. Both need the appropriate information for your buttons to function.


As such, any shortcodes used in either of these fields will need to either produce, or interact with the plain text, and URLs, that  these fields are expecting. Some examples would be:

  • Adding shortcodes to the Button URL, that work within the URL for tracking purposes, with an affiliate software.
  • Using a variable text producing shortcode, that changes the text and URL of the buttons, based on viewers membership level.


If you’re already using our WP Simple Pay Pro for Stripe Add-on, and want to use these features, checkout: How Do I use a Standard URL in my Stripe Pricing Table?

If you want to use a shortcode to completely replace our button with your own, check out: How do I replace the default button with a shortcode button?

If you still need assistance with this, or anything else regarding our plugins please feel free contact our support at