How Do I use a Standard URL in my Stripe Pricing Table?



Are you using our Easy Pricing Tables – Stripe add-on, but don’t want to use the Stripe checkout window for some of your columns? An example might be a table offering a both free download, and premium versions. You may want one column to redirect your customers to a free demo of your product, and the others go directly to the Stripe checkout window to buy premium.

In cases where you don’t want to be using the Stripe checkout window, reverting to Easy Pricing Tables standard ‘Button URL’ redirect is easy. Here’s how:

Switching from ‘Stripe Description’ to ‘Button URL’:

With the Stripe integration enabled, the standard ‘Button URL’ field changes to the ‘Stripe Description’ field:


Switching individual Columns back to the default ‘Button URL’ is as simple as clicking on ‘Stripe Description’:


This re-enables the use of the a standard redirect, using any URL. This way you can have one column redirect your customers to where you have a free demo of your product, and the others go directly to checkout. That’s all it takes.

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